About the Project

The Caribbean has the highest burden from NCD in the Americas, driven by an epidemic of adult and child obesity, caused by the “diet/nutrition transition”. The overall goal of the project is to build a shared understanding amongst stakeholders of the complex adaptive systems driving local food production and consumption in English-speaking CARICOM states; and implement coordinated packages of interventions within national food systems that promote sustainable livelihoods of vulnerable groups, and combat obesity and diet-related NCDs.

The overarching research question is “What are the most effective, gender-sensitive ways to improve food sovereignty, household food security, and nutrition to reduce the burden of obesity-related NCDs in CARICOM states?” The research builds on two previous projects – CARICOM “farm-to-fork” project and the Evaluation of the POS NCD Summit Declaration. We aim to improve the quality and diversity of the diet of populations in three study countries (Jamaica, St Vincent/Grenadines, and St Kitts/Nevis) We will review the diets of children, women and men, and their food sources; engage with stakeholders to understand how local food systems currently determine the diets being chosen and consumed then develop, implement and assess an integrated, adaptable and gender sensitive package of interventions addressing identified leverage points within the local food systems, in order to increase healthy eating and sustainable rural livelihoods.

Then we will disseminate and translate the findings to other CARICOM countries so that successful, effective interventions can be adapted, adopted and implemented.


To improve the quality and diversity of the diet of populations in three study countries (Jamaica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and St Kitts and Nevis) by engaging with stakeholders in designing, implementing, and evaluating integrated packages of interventions that address key “leverage points” within their food systems, and disseminate the lessons learnt throughout CARICOM.