Eating In Balance – What Does it Mean to Eat Healthily?

Having a balanced diet means more than just excluding some foods, it means carefully looking at what you need in order to get all the necessary nutrients.

Itasha Loves Everything Ital!

Her choice to go vegan caused many friends and some family members to question her lifestyle choices; but now she not only feeds her family plant based meals but Itasha Williams also started a successful business out of her interest and love for ital food.

We Don’t Want Nuh Fry Food!

Too much fried food could be helping to kill you. Study after study points to the negative impact a diet high in fried foods can have…but there is hope! Take a listen to what SVG Community Dietician in the Ministry of Health, Nutrition Unit, Carlva Weekes has to say!

Women Farmers are Making their Mark!

Women are just as good at farming as men, all they need to do is start! So says President of the SVG Rural Women’s Producers, Dauphine Cato who has been a farmer for more than 20 years!

Plant Your Own Food!

If you don’t grow the food necessary to feed your population you’ll forever rely on the products of others to help you to do so. Its up to each and every one of us to take steps to feed ourselves, our households and our communities! Have a listen to farmer and President of the SVG […]

Meet Dauphine Cato

You may have seen her ply her trade along Middle Street, but if not, we’d like to introduce you to farmer and President of the SVG Rural Women’s Producers, Dauphine Cato. This quiet and friendly vendor told us how she got started in agriculture and what challenges she faced.

Local Residents in Jamaica Discuss Their Eating Habits

Most people know they should eat healthily, on a recent visit to one of the FaN project sites, Jamaica we spoke with some of the local residents about their eating habits.